Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Is A Canyon Not A Canyon?

When it's a sandstone slot canyon.
         Today we visited Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. This is Navajo land and you have to pay for guided tours. The guides are knowledgeable and very helpful with angles for camera shots.
          Flash flood waters over the ages carved down into the rock creating fascinating deep narrow "slot" canyons. Here we are at the entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon, which is more like a cave with a few holes in the roof that let in light. We were with a large group in this canyon.

The canyons are dramatically tall and beautiful inside!

Then we went to Lower Antelope Canyon which is less visited . Our guide is going into the entrance of the canyon and yes, it really is that narrow. after entering, we descended several flights of ladder-like steps There were only three of us so the tour was longer and much more fun.

It is huge inside also. (That's not water at the top--just the camera expressing amazement.) The level of the sand floor varies by many feet each year depending on the flash floods. Small floods deposit sand, large ones clean it out as much as 10 feet at a time.

The sandstone contains quartz, which adds purple coloring.

We went through narrow sections as well. This canyon was up to 150 feet deep and about 1/2 mile long. gary is actually stand on the path.

The lighting varies with every turn and every hour of the day. We took over 100 photos and it was not easy to limit them for this blog!

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  1. That is absolutely surreal. Beautiful. Now I need to go there, too.